Incase you have a website or webapp developed using HTML template, PHP and MSQL database, you can freely host it on google cloud with same set up as of your local computer in a few minutes. Lets break down the steps:

It has been an interesting journey here trying to figure out what's up with… DevOps! language.., how these tools collaborate to have a smooth application development cycle.

Will talk about; Kubernetes(GKE), Docker(&Dockerhub), Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins and Google Cloud Platform & Amazon Web Service as the host environment.

First foremost! Let's…

All started from attending community cloud mentorship meetups for just… now am giving back as a facilitator and a community Lead.

Facilitating about Deployment on Google Cloud App Engine to Pyladies Kampala

Being part of the tech community and actively participating has been my foundation in learning and having all the knowledge about Google Cloud.

Its was back then in November…

Trevor Atwijukire

👨‍💻Software Developer | #Scala #DevOps #GCP | ex-Lead #DSCSSA | Mentor @dscuganda | #ALCWithGoogle #DeveloperStudentClubs

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