Incase you have a website or webapp developed using HTML template, PHP and MSQL database, you can freely host it on google cloud with same set up as of your local computer in a few minutes. Lets break down the steps:

I assume your project has this already set up:

This is a section in one of my blogs about my assignments in one of the projects am currently contributing concerning DevOps practices. I decided to extract it out separately because its one of the major security practices as you develop your APIs.

Briefly, as we write APIs we always put the .env file in the .gitignore file so no chances to appear on github. However if you to set up…

It has been an interesting journey here trying to figure out what's up with… DevOps! language.., how these tools collaborate to have a smooth application development cycle.

Will talk about; Kubernetes(GKE), Docker(&Dockerhub), Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins and Google Cloud Platform & Amazon Web Service as the host environment.

First foremost! Let's define these tools.

In this article, I assume you have prior knowledge about creating a Docker image of whichever language, framework or tool you are working with. For-instance in my previous article, where I built a Docker image of the Angular app then deploying to Google Cloud Kubernetes: see the article here …

In this article, we discuss pushing (for storage) and pulling to your local docker repository/ machine. Today, we work with Docker Hub and Google Cloud Registry(gcr)


$ docker pull <name_of_the_image>

This article is for DevOps beginners but with prior knowledge about Building Docker images and Deployment on Kubernetes on Google Cloud. What may seem new is just simple: Creating a CD pipeline with Cloud Build, this enables flexible change of code from your git repo, then your image is updated and so your deployment in just few minutes. This saves a lot of time which would be spent repenting building & deploying steps, hence one can concentrate on improving his/her code in your editor.

Checkout this projects’ Github repo: Link here …

Let's break this in parts so we can…

All started from attending community cloud mentorship meetups for just… now am giving back as a facilitator and a community Lead.

Facilitating about Deployment on Google Cloud App Engine to Pyladies Kampala

Being part of the tech community and actively participating has been my foundation in learning and having all the knowledge about Google Cloud.

Its was back then in November 2018 at Outbox (an Innovation hub based in Kampala, Uganda) during one of the meetups — where I used to never miss because of pizzas and drinks! …

Group photo with Aptech Administration and Students after the launch of the Students Club

On Saturday, 12th January 2020, we had a successful Speaker Session and Launch Aptech Students Club, an inspiration from Developer Student Clubs (DSC) where am a Lead. Had support from other community Leads, Google Cloud Community — Kampala (Mr. Opio Solomon), Google Developers Group — (Mr. Asa Lugada), Facebook Circles — Kampala (Engineer J Edison Abahurire), and 2019 DSC Solution Challenge winner — Muni University (Samuel Mugisha).

How it all started

It was during the mobilization for 2019 DevFest Kla, that I managed to visit a number of universities and institutions inviting them, however, I also informed them about Developer…

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